Welcome to Razor Group Media’s new blog!  We will be posting articles and answering questions about digital marketing in 2016 and beyond focusing on processes, techniques, changes, products, services and more. The hope for this blog is for it to become a reliable place to come for accurate and transparent information about what it takes to successfully market a business, product, organization or cause on the internet in a time where there are so many choices, options and varying opinions about what is most effective. There are many digital agencies offering a wide array of products and services and what they charge for these services varies just as greatly.  Sign up, sign in and get involved and help us to create a community that will help clear the smoke and uncover some of the scams and tricks that many agencies and marketing firms are pulling to make a quick buck without delivering clear and tangible results.

I’m am looking forward to the discussions!

Sincerely and at you service,

Gregg Migliore

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