Razor Group is a Digital Marketing Agency serving our clients with honesty, integrity, and gratitude.

A Inbound Marketing Digital Agency

An Inbound marketing digital agency providing design, development, content creation, promotion and consulting services, Razor Group is ready to serve with honesty, integrity and gratitude!

Forward Thinking

The word “razor” in our company’s name Razor Group refers to the position we serve from, the razor sharp edge of technology, working hard to stay on that edge ready to serve and guide you today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Problem Solvers

We are here to solve the problem most businesses face:  “How do we assure we are found on the internet and how do we turn that online presence into leads and sales?”   We solve that problem with a comprehensive set of solution-based services.

Customer Service

We are here to serve you and your business. When you trust Razor Group with your online marketing needs we make your company’s success as important to us as our own success.

Our Story

Razor Group was founded in 1998 providing Internet technology consulting, web site development and professional software training for companies large and small nationwide. The company has provided training classes on leading internet development tools and technologies ranging from visual and coding development environments, graphic design tools and presentation and layout software programs.  Razor Group has evolved and transformed along with the industry over the past 19 years as we have literally watched the internet emerge and develop while we served our clients.


Today Razor Group is an inbound marketing digital agency.  This means we have adopted the logical and organized Inbound Methodology system and we provide inbound marketing services to our clients.

Here is an overview of how the Inbound Methodology works:

  1. Attract strangers and make them visitors to your website through social media, SEO (internal, external, keywords, optimized copy writing), blogs and other techniques.
  2. Convert those visitors into leads through calls-to-action (CTA), forms, landing pages and remarkable content.
  3. Close those leads into customers using a CRM (customer relationship management) system, email, messaging, texting and workflows.
  4. Delight those customer into promoters of your business through surveys, smart content and social monitoring.


Allow Razor Group to provide the services and guidance you will need that supports this system.

The Razor Group story continues to unfold as this very exciting early phase of the online marketing evolution and we want to help you to be a part of it!

Contact us today and allow us to serve you.

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  • Inbound Marketing Methodology 100% 100%
  • Content Creation (Video Production, Graphic Design, Branding, Copy Writing) 100% 100%
  • Web Design and Development 100% 100%
  • SEO Strategy and Implementation 100% 100%
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation 100% 100%
Gregg Migliore

Gregg Migliore

Designer / Marketer


Gregg Migliore is the owner and senior marketing consultant at Razor Group Interactive.  He has extensive experience with website technologies and online marketing that spans over 30 years!  Yes that’s right, almost as old as the internet itself!

Having studied Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music he entered into a career in computer technology right out of college as the music software expert for Boston University at the school’s public retail computer store.  He went on to work in computer hardware, software and networking sales with several companies.  He then moved on to a software training position where he worked with corporate clients all over the US and in Canada training and consulting corporate staff members on how to use and integrate website and intranet development tools .  Eventually all that experience led him to launch Razor Group Interactive in 1998.  Since then Gregg has worked with many small to medium size businesses helping them with establishing their digital footprint online.  Today a company’s digital footprint and doorstep is vital to the success and even survival of the business. Gregg and his team of experts know exactly how to make you and your company stand out in and shine over your competition!

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